Breastfeeding Bibs

Our breastfeeding bibs will protect your clothes from breast milk stains. And reducing your washing at the same time.

Newborns tend to spit up milk while feeding. And that’s why it’s necessary to have bibs when feeding a baby. It doesn’t matter if your baby is being bottle-fed or breastfed. It’s a good idea to have many on hand.


The types of bibs you use will depend on the age of your baby. And the smaller bibs are perfect for breastfeeding a newborn. As your baby gets older. You may choose to use the dribble bib. This is specifically for babies who are drooling a lot or teething. And you can still use these while breastfeeding. The larger bib is the third style we handmake. And this provides the most coverage over your and your baby’s clothes.

When it comes to using a bib for the start of your breastfeeding journey, we recommend the smaller bib. This has 2 snap fasteners on the side rather than the back. This makes it easier to remove from your baby while they are feeding so you are not interrupting their feed.

What to look for in breastfeeding bibs

When choosing which to buy, you should look for bibs with;

  • Adjustable, snap fasteners on the side of the arm, not on the back
  • Two layers of absorbent materials like cotton, flannel and bamboo
  • A snug fit with the size of the bib not too loose or tight around the baby’s neck.
  • Made with quality materials that are eco-friendly, organic and sustainable materials.
  • Ideally handmade or made in Australia

For more information on our breastfeeding bibs, see our online resources.

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