How many burping pads do I need?

When putting together your baby shopping list it’s hard to know what and how many of each item to buy. How long they will last and when they should be replaced? Here we discuss how many burping pads you need and much more.

How many do I need?

This will depend on the quality, how much your baby spits up and if they suffer reflux. Starting off by buying 6 good quality cloths. This is so you can take some to the hospital, and spares for when you get home. Also, a few more as a backup if the others are in the wash. If you find that your baby spits up a lot you can always buy more.

How many do you go through a day?

Some babies will spit up and drool a lot. Especially if they have reflux. In this case, you may go through up to 6 a day. Others may not make a mess at all. So you won’t need them. It will also depend on the quality of the materials and how its made. Good quality materials like cotton will last longer. And you will not have to wash as frequently. While cheaper and less absorbent ones will need to be cleaned more. This is because less absorbent cloths will stay wet as the moisture sits on top.

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How often should you change them?

You should change them once they are wet or covered in spit-up. Our handmade burp cloths are designed so you can use one side, and then flip around to use the other. Meaning you could use them a minimum of two times. But if your baby doesn’t spit up a lot you may be able to use them up to 10 times before washing.

We recommend using them for no more than a day. And they should be washed at the latest the next day. If you use them for longer or do not wash them frequently, there is a chance mould will start to form. Moisture from the spit-up is the perfect breeding ground for this. 

When should they be replaced?

You shouldn’t need to replace them. Good quality ones are designed to last for years. Meaning you can utilize them until your newborn doesn’t need them anymore. But if you start seeing black spots on them this is a sign of mould and should be replaced straight away. 

How long do you use them for?

This will depend on how much drool and spit-up your baby produces. On average you will be using these for the first 6 months. Once finished, you can store them for later children. Or you can use them as a teether, washcloth or small towel. There are many other applications for spit-up rags once you’ve finished with them.

How can I make them last longer?

Making them last longer can be difficult. But it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s care and maintenance suggestions. You should reduce the number of times you wash them. Don’t use as much detergent and never dry clean.  

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How many should I bring to the hospital?

When packing your hospital bag you should pack at least 2. Hospitals in Australia don’t provide them so it’s important you pack some for your stay. The last thing you want is to change your clothes after a little bit of spilt milk. 

What else can I use instead?

You may prefer not to buy them at all. Or you would like to wait to see if your newborn spits up and drools a lot. In this case, there are alternatives to burping pads. Including washcloths, towels, bibs and diapers.

We hope this article has helped you to decide how many you will buy. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me.

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This article was written by Luisa Figueroa. She is the designer and maker of the My Little Love Heart range of spit-up rags.

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