How to use e-vouchers and gift cards

There are multiple ways to use gift cards, and east company’s vouchers are different so here we explain how to use e-vouchers and gift cards.

Physical Gift Voucher

To use a physical card visit the store where they are accepted. This can vary depending on which one you are given. Once you have selected the products you would like, go to the register. Here they will scan the products and deduct the value of the gift card. The remaining value is left on your card and given back to you. If you spend more than the value of the voucher you will need to pay the difference.


For an e-voucher, you will receive an email or a printout of it. This will have a value and a coupon code. Depending on the baby shower gift shop you will be able to use this online or in-store. If you choose to use it in-store it can be used in the same way as a physical card. If you use it online select the products you wish from the vendor’s website. When you checkout add the coupon code and this will be deducted from your shopping cart value. You will either have to pay more or you can use the remaining value at a later date.

We hope this article has explained how to use e-vouchers and gift cards.

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