Newborn baby boy hampers

We offer a large selection of newborn baby boy hampers that are the perfect gift for welcoming a baby boy to the world.

What can you give for a newborn boy hamper?

When buying a gift box for baby boys, it’s important to choose products or designs that are suitable for boys. Below are some ideas you may want to include in a newborn baby boy hamper.

  • Bibs – These are some of the most practical products you can give a newborn baby. And we have a large selection of boys prints and designs.
  • Burp Cloths – A burp cloth will protect the newborn baby and parents from spit-ups and vomits. And we have a range of designs specifically for baby boys.
  • Swaddles – If you are buying a boys baby shower hamper make sure to include a swaddle. These are practical and versatile and will be used at the newborn stage.
  • Teethers – These will come in handy when the baby starts teething. And we have a range of eco-friendly teethers and the little boy will love.
  • Bath Time Accessories – Make bath time fun for the newborn baby boy with our range of bath accessories. These include a range of natural bath toys and a practical baby washcloth.
  • Beanies – These are the perfect addition especially if you are choosing to make your own baby boy hamper.
  • Grooming Set – This wooden hair brush set is perfect to add to any newborn baby boy gift. It comes with three different brushes to suit different applications.

Note, when selecting the product for boys make sure the theme or design is a traditional boys theme.

Prints and Designs for Newborn Baby Boys

As many products are unisex and not specifically for a boys or girls it’s best to concentrate on the prints. Traditional designs include;

  • Aquatic – Think of patterns for boys with a nautical theme like whales, fishing, under the sea, sailing and anything nautical.
  • Sports – Some sports are male-orientated so you may gift a newborn hamper with a sports theme like football, golf, soccer or rugby.
  • Animals – When it comes to boys newborn gifts, animal-themed ones are a favourite. Prints like lions, tigers, giraffes and anything safari or zoo-related is appropriate. Also designs that include dinosaurs, foxes, koalas and rabbits are also traditional boys themes.
  • Occupation – Some jobs are predominantly done by men. So these traditionally are suitable for a boys newborn hamper. Themes with a cowboy, astronaut, police or fireman make for a great boys newborn gift. As well as a farm, mining and construction design.

These are just some ideas about what you can give as a newborn gift for a baby boy.

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This article was written by Luisa Figueroa. She is the maker and owner of the My Little Love Heart range of baby gifts and accessories.

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