Organic Baby Gifts

Our organic baby gifts are stylish, practical and eco-friendly. Making sure you are gifting carefully throughout and sustainable baby hampers.

Each item is made at our East Perth baby gift shop using materials that are organic and sustainable. Ensuring your gift is as natural as possible. Here are the hampers we offer. Below is also a breakdown of the items in each set and what materials they are made from.

Sustainable Baby Hamper

The smaller sets are the perfect gift for a newborn baby. They come with a range of handmade and organic products. These include a bandana bib, teether, and card. All packed in a recycled kraft cardboard box.

Organic Baby Boy Gift

The boys’ sets come with a burp cloth, teether, dribble bib and baby bib. There is a large selection of boys’ prints to choose from. We use a range of organic materials including cotton, bamboo and beech wood to produce these. all the hampers come in a recycled cardboard gift box with a card.

Organic Baby Girl Box

The gift sets for girls are available in a range of beautiful and stylish prints. These include the floral gumnuts, butterflies, botanicals and blossoms. As well as some unisex gifts like bananas and koalas. These hampers contain a bandana bib, baby bib, bunny teether, burp cloth and headband. With the majority of items being made from sustainable materials.

Deluxe Hamper

The deluxe gift set is our premium gift set. Perfect as a practical baby shower hamper or a maternity leave gift. This set includes a journal, dummy, teether, burping cloth, bandana bib, and the dummy clip. All come with a greeting card and gift wrap. Businesses are always trying to improve their environmental footprint. So if your company is buying a corporate baby gift make sure it’s organic.

Bub and Mum Gift Boxes

Our latest offering is the gift sets that have something for bub and for mum. These are stylish sets that contain our handmade products as well as a non-alcoholic drink and candle. All beautiful gift wrapped and come with a card.

Materials in our eco-friendly baby hampers

Below is also a breakdown of the items in each set and what materials they are made from.

Cotton Fabric — Natural fibres are free of chemicals, breathable, and do not irritate the skin. Cotton is sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable making it the perfect choice for many baby products.

Bamboo Backing — Bamboo grows rapidly and is carbon neutral. It can grow in a wide range of environments. And is grown without pesticides and requires no irrigation. We use bamboo on the backing of many of our products. It is natural and soft to the touch.

Natural beach wood — We use a natural beach wood teether. It’s a durable material that’s non-toxic, chewable and resistant to mould.

Certified organic beeswax — Beeswax is produced as the by-product of the worker bee and helps with swelling and ulcers. The beeswax is used to coat both the dummy chain and the teething ring.

Natural Rubber — The Natursutten rubber dummies are made from 100% natural rubber. It’s an ideal material to use as it has little impact on the environment. Especially during harvesting, manufacturing and recycling. It also has high resilience, strength, and is tear-resistant. These can be found in the deluxe sets.

Silicon beads — Silica beads are made from silica that can be found in sands. The benefits of using silicon in the dummy chain are that it can be recycled and it’s a hard and long-lasting product.

Gift Box — Our gift boxes are practical, stylish and eco-friendly and have been made from recovered paper. This way you will not only be getting a beautiful gift but you will be helping the environment.


We are a small boutique brand in Perth, Australia, but we deliver around the world. We deliver to residential and businesses alike. As our hampers are handmade they can take up to 3 days to make. For more information on our delivery times please refer to our shipping policy.

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Designer Profile

This article was written by Luisa Figueroa. She is the owner and maker of the range of My Little Love Heart baby presents.

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