Australian Made Baby Gifts Ideas in Rainbows Print

Australian Made Baby Gifts

It is our pleasure to offer this selection of Australian made baby gifts.

As a small Australian business, we pride ourselves on making our products here in Perth, Australia. As we make all our products, we can determine what materials to use. We make sure our products are made with high quality and eco-friendly materials. This is to ensure that the babies who wear our products are using a premium product.
This is also the same when choosing our range of prints to adorn our products. We are always looking for beautiful Australiana prints. Like the current koala, kangaroo, floral gumnut, and botanical prints we currently use. These make for the perfect Australian-themed baby gifts.

Australian Made Baby Products – Australian Made Licensee

We are a licensee of the Australian Made Campaign. To become a member you have to prove that your products are made in Australia. As a consumer, it’s good to know an independent organisation has authenticated our product as Australian Made.

As an Australian company that makes our products here, we do our best to support small and local Australian Made businesses. Many aspects of our business help support other local Australian companies. From our product tags to items we stock, we are a big believer in supporting local and Australian businesses.
Australiana Themed Baby Gifts

Currently we have four Australiana themed baby gift prints in our range. These include koalas, kangaroos, floral gumnuts, and botanical prints. We are always looking to add more to our shop and we have a few beautiful prints coming up shortly. These are the prints in detail;

Koala Print

This print is made up of a beautiful light grey background complete with a little koala. It is either holding on with a big smile or lazing around sleeping on a branch. Its pink ears bring colour to the print along with the greens and browns of the Eucalyptus tree.

Koala bib perfect as Australian Gifts or Australian souvenirs

Kangaroo Print

The kangaroo animals print has an indigenous feel to it. With lots of kangaroos jumping along in a straight line. I love the simplicity of this print and the lavender colour used as the background. While the kangaroo’s form is made using small circles and shapes. We have a selection of Australian gifts and accessories in this print.

Floral Gumnuts Print
The floral gumnuts print is a beautiful print full of bright colours. The blues and pinks make for a wonderful girls gift and is one of our most popular prints.
Luxury baby gift floral gumnuts print
Botanical Prints
The botanical print is another gorgeous print for girls. The light and dark pinks are beautifully designed. This is also very popular and makes for a very Australiana baby gift.

Baby Girl set
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