Baby Essentials for newborn babies

Baby Essentials for first time parents

As an expectant new parent, you are thrust into the world of baby products. This can be overwhelming and confusing so we’ve created a series of in-depth newborn baby essentials articles on everything you and your baby will need.

We have broken down the must have baby items into 9 posts. This makes it even easier for you to plan the buying of your essential items.

These include:

  • Newborn Clothing
  • Nursery and Sleeping
  • Nappies and Changing
  • Feeding
  • Bathing
  • Safety and Grooming
  • Prams
  • Car Seats
  • Essentials For Mum

The article links and a brief summary can be found at the bottom of this page.

Baby Essentials with romper, bib, dummy, shoes and top knot

These posts will assist you to choose the safest baby products for you and your baby when they are born.

Although written for what the baby will need for the first 3 months, most items in the checklist can be used for many months, and years. We have compiled these lists based on my real-life experience of being a mum.

We touch on quantities you should be buying of each item and our favourite brands. They include real-life tips on what you should be looking out for when buying certain products and estimate prices. They are fantastic resources for planning and budgeting for the expenses of a newborn baby.

So what have we defined a baby essential as?

What might be essential to one person may not be to another. So we have made the most comprehensive lists possible. Also, we wanted to make sure that most of the items included on the list have been used by ourselves. This way we have been able to give honest and reliable feedback.

How much do the essential baby items cost?

Cost is a major factor in choosing baby products. We have tried to provide accurate pricing where possible while most of the products mentioned are priced in the mid-range.

Which newborn essentials do you need?

As mentioned, these articles are comprehensive and detailed so we strongly recommend you read the complete posts.

You will be able to learn and gain a better understanding of which products you will need and what to look for. They can be your one-stop resources for your baby needs.

I hope you find these articles informative and helpful. We would love to hear your feedback on your baby essential baby items.

This section discusses onesies to baby bibs and everything in between. Including a sizing chart. and our real-life experience of how many of each item you should purchase.

Here we talk about decorations, furniture, nursing chairs, and a lot more. We discuss the benefits of some of the nursery items and give you an estimate of what you can expect to pay.

A must-read for any new parent with some tricks of the trade included. We touch on the various size of nappies and types avaiable. Also, we look at the various changing stations on offer.

From breast and bottle feeding to sterilisers and feeding pillows. As a mum myself who has both breastfed and bottle-fed I have shared my experience on what was a must have for feeding my baby.

Bath time is an enjoyable time for the family with a newborn. Here we discussed the must have baby items for bathing a newborn. Including towels, toys, and baths.

Safety is the most important thing for your baby. We give an extensive overview of our favourite thermometer and list a range of other baby must have items to keep your baby safe and well-groomed.

This article is full of tips on what you should do when buying a pram. We discuss the things you should consider and what type of pram you should look for when buying one. Also, we list a range of pram accessories you may wish to buy.

A car seat is an essential baby item and must be fitted correctly before the hospital will let you take your baby home. We discuss the pros and cons of the various car seat and the budget you should work off.

As well as all the essential items you need for baby there is a list of products the mum will need. In this article, we give you suggestions on which items were must haves and what were my favourite and why.

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